What I’ve learned from being in a relationship with opposite schedules

I know the root of the problem is that we are both working polar opposite work schedules and never get time together. I feel like we fight over the dumbest stuff almost every day. Any Bees with a similar problem who have some ideas for making life more peaceful at home? I miss our days of getting along and having a life together. I hate eating every meal apart and not having that quality time anymore!! Can I ask how different the schedules are? I struggled with Fiance about this our first year living together. Games days are much later.

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Keeping a relationship together in the age of ghosting , Tinder and instant gratification can be hard enough. I found this out for myself when just two months after we moved in together, my boyfriend started working late-night shifts. Two years later, he still works nights.

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When you have an opposite schedule than your partner—whether it’s because of work or different sleep schedules—it seems like the only solution is to separate. It takes some effort, but you can manage it and live in harmony. If your schedules are opposite enough, you might never see each other during your waking moments. You’ll come home late from work to find your significant other already asleep and by the time you wake up in the morning they’ve already gone off to work. Or, even if your work schedules are on the same timetable, your sleep schedules might be totally opposite and you want to go to bed just as they’re ramping up their evening time.

Both situations are difficult to deal with, but it’s not impossible to find a balance. It might seem impossible, but the most important thing you can do is schedule time together. Whether this is just a couple of meals together a week or a full day off together, make sure you’re making time for the other person whenever you can. The Huffington Post breaks down a few simple ideas for what to do with your time:.

When you’re both home, make sure to carve out together time even if it means just watching a movie or sharing a meal. And take out your calendars every month so you can put aside time for an actual date away from home. Even if your date is hot chocolate together during one of your breaks at work, it’s essential to find time to connect.

It’s not just that passive time though. If you can, schedule more than that.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

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When it comes to being in a relationship, spending time together is key. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly four years, and we face the challenge that our schedules have never aligned. Whether it was a full-time load at school or graveyard shifts at work, it was rare for our days off or schedules to be completely in sync. Even though my boyfriend and I live in the same area, having drastically different schedules can often make it feel like we are a world apart.

It can even feel worse when the holidays roll around or you find yourself being on your own for outings more commonly than not. Keeping an open and honest line of communication ensures the two of you will always be on the same page. Relationships all need a little compromise, right? One way we try to meet each other halfway is by being flexible with our sleep schedules when we can.

Some quality time together is always better than nothing at all. As long as he or she is always making an effort to be there for you, there will be hope for the relationship. They are even more critical if your schedules contradict. What I’ve learned from being in a relationship with opposite schedules.

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Whether you and your partner have different bed times due to work schedules or insomnia , experts say there are ways to still stay connected with your partner, even if your sleep schedules are making you seem disconnected. According to a recent study of 1, people in relationships aged 18 to 75 by The Sleep Judge , going to bed before a significant other is pretty common.

The survey found that nearly 58 percent of people admitted they fell asleep at different times than their partner. While almost 62 percent of Gen Xers said they fell asleep at a different time than their significant other, 56 percent of millennials said the same thing. While some people said that either they or their partner takes longer to fall asleep than the other, some cited different work schedules or the fact that their partner uses their phone, computer, or tablet in bed.

So how can they sleep in the same bed on such different schedules? Below, experts weigh in on how to stay connected to your partner even if you two go to sleep at different times. Every couple is different: Some live together while others only have sleepovers a few times a week and, during those sleepovers, perhaps you fall asleep at different times.

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Here’s how I manage a relationship with opposite schedules. boyfriend and I live in the same area, having drastically different schedules can often make it Who says date nights have to stop once you’re in a relationship?

Candace lives in Tennessee with her husband and a bunch of furry creatures. In today’s world, people work many different types of work shifts throughout all hours of the day and night. So finding yourself on a different work schedule from your significant other is pretty common. When couples are on different work schedules, it can make maintaining the relationship harder. Staying connected with your significant other when you are on opposite schedules can be tough, but it isn’t impossible.

Here are tips for couples to manage different work and sleep schedules and still remain close emotionally. There are also ideas for handling sleeping arrangements so both of you get the rest you need. Making relationships work is all about making time for each other despite hectic schedules that don’t coincide. If you and your spouse or significant other are on a different shift, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have a good relationship.

These are some ideas to stay connected even when you aren’t on the same schedule as your loved one:. Apart from finding enough time together, sleeping arrangements can be one of the biggest problems for couples who are on different sleep shifts. This is especially true for light sleepers. Ways to make sleeping more comfortable for couples who don’t always sleep at the same time:.

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This can wreak havoc on your relationship, but only if you let it. In every relationship compromises are necessary, and this might be a big one. However, don’t let it come down to comparing which job is more “important” or “stressful” because nobody’s going to win.

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How to Sleep When You and Your Partner Work Opposite Schedules

If you’re looking for long-term relationship success, finding someone you’re compatible with is key. Although not entirely impossible, being in a relationship with someone who’s completely different from you in every way can make things a little more challenging. According to matchmakers, there are certain sets of incompatible qualities between partners that are much more likely to lead to relationship failure than success. Other more subtle incompatibilities, she says, are seen in each person’s values.

For instance, someone who cares about honesty is unlikely to be happy with someone who’s constantly lying.

Don’t settle for the same old date nights, do some random things so you can experience something new together. It helps get the new dating vibe.

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Relationship Q&A: Conflicting Work Schedules, Dating Tips, Abusive Relationships, etc.

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